CSS illustrations

Creating Angels with pure CSS

I have always been fascinated by pure CSS illustrations. There are so many outstanding CSS works, but when I opened the source code on the “CodePen” or just in the developer tools and saw tens of lines of CSS code, I thought I would never get how this magic works. Then, I finally decided to… Continue Reading →

Web Development Processes

6 things a web developer needs to know about the lifecycle of a website

Why knowing a Web Development Life Cycle is vital for anyone participating in Web Development projects?  With a systematised process, web developers can construct websites that match the client’s expectations and create a satisfactory user experience.  In other words, it is a road map for maintaining your project that as a web developer you must understand from… Continue Reading →

Digital Presence and Business Growth

Is it really necessary to have a Website for my business?

“Does your business need a website? What options are there? How to make the right choice? When it comes to budgeting for a website, how much should you set aside?” – Well, let’s dig deeper and figure it out! Is it really necessary to have a Website for my business? Even if there is an… Continue Reading →